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My work has no meaning unless it is used

January 23 – February 21
Opening: Friday, January 23, 6-9pm

Montreal artist Alexandre David will install a site-specific architectural structure at the G Gallery. This structure will be available for potential "use" by twelve artists. See below for project descriptions.
- Organized by Yam Lau

Yam Lau
Track Gardens (landscape architecture)

January 23 – February 21
Using the dimension of tram tacks in Hong Kong as indoor planters, this work commemorates the recent Occupy Central event in Hong Kong. It was in a YouTube video that I thought I saw citizens using the recessed part of the tram tracks as community gardens… though I later learned it was entirely my projection.

Amy Wong
Internet Tab Guitar Jam (performance)

January 24, 2-5pm
The site will be used to host an amateur jam choir. The artist will curate a selection of easy-to-play yet satisfying songs gleaned from - everything from the Shirelles to Patsy Cline to Hole. Girl-focused and egalitarian, it’s not about technique it’s about sharing. Will have chord charts. Drop in with your acoustic guitar, ukelele, mandolin or just plain fabulous self. BYOB.

Ashley Culver
Addition of Aroma

January 31, 12-5pm
Addition of Aroma is a sculpture comprised of tangible and intangible components. Several slow cookers with navel oranges will be placed in the gallery. The process of cooking involves the ingredients undergoing a physical chemical change into an intangible aroma. Addition of Aroma dwells on this sensory experience, floating alongside Alexandre David’s structure.  

Shane Krepakevich
Lighting Addendum (installation)

February 5-7

Kevin Rodgers
The Free Dependent


Haley Uyeda
Casting Shadows (experiments in collaborative video production)

February 12, 12-3pm

Yvonne Lammerich

Michelle Mcgeean
Platform: flat* form** plane** figure**** (artist's talk/performance + publication)

14 February, 4pm
*Sacrificing the third dimension **Über ubiquitous ***"Plane" like "plain?" The extra-ordinary ****What's a figure without a ground? 

Josh Thorpe
Sound Recording


Emily Smit-Dicks

Miles Collyer

Alexandre David is an artist based in Montréal.
Yam Lau is an artist and writer based in Toronto.

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